Ook in 2021 heeft de NBSV een nest geadopteerd van STCB om zeeschildpadden te beschermen. Hier een korte bericht dat we kregen met de mooie statistieken van dit jaar:

Dear nest adopters,

The nesting season is coming to an end, and even though the season will be ending quite early compared to previous years, it has been a busy season!

Together, you adopted 40 nests on Klein Bonaire, in the south of Bonaire and on Playa Chikitu:

17 nests laid by hawksbills;
16 nests laid by loggerheads;
and 7 nests laid by green turtles.
From these nests, a total of 4,385 hatchlings safely made it to the sea! Pabien!!

Although we did lose some nests due to high tides, the overall hatching success was very high with some nests recording a 99% successful hatching rate! This is something we don’t see very often… We also incubated a few nests that were in danger of drowning and rescued a number of hatchlings that got stuck in roots as they were making their way to the top of the nest. All in all, it’s been another great season and we’re hoping to see some of the babies back on Bonaire in about 25-30 years.

Each person involved in the work that we do, by donating your time and/or money, is part of the successful protection of sea turtles on Bonaire. We’d like to thank each and every one of you for your continuous support, enthusiasm and sharing all that we do with your friends, family and followers! Masha danki!

If you’d like to be involved in our 2022 Adopt-A-Nest program, please do let us know!

Thank you and happy holidays!




Beschermingsproject 2022: Cyclanorbis elegans (Zuid-Soedan)

Het beschermingsproject dat de NBSV in 2022 steunt, gaat over de rugvlekweekschildpad (Nubian flapshell turtle, Cyclanorbis elegans).
  Startdatum: Jan, 1 2022   Einddatum: Dec, 31 2022
€2.447 Gedoneerd
€3.500 Doel

Doneer meteen aan het beschermingsproject door de onderstaande QR-code te scannen met de camera met van je mobiel!

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